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British-born Paul Husband is a long term Hong Kong resident and one of the region’s most highly regarded retail real estate consultants. In his early career, he spent ten years as the marketing head for Swire Pacific. In that role, his main focus was the company’s Pacific Place development, an avant-garde mixed-use project that still sets the bar for industry best practices today.

With a wealth of experience behind him and a growing reputation for strong instincts and creative vision, Paul set up Husband Retail Consulting in 1998. The establishment of his own company meant he was able to apply his vision to a wide range of developments across the region. Paul is still intimately involved in all Husband Retail’s projects, putting his personal stamp on each.

One of my greatest pleasures in life is delighting people, and a well-planned retail destination should do just that. Creating a place where people like to go and spend time is a complex process that is part science and part art. Facts and figures from walk-way widths to easy access combine with less tangible elements such as the ideal brand mix and mood-setting lighting. The retail industry is an ever-evolving field, always innovating, always throwing out new ideas. Even after all this time, it continues to challenge and fascinate me. image description Founder & Managing Director